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Series A: Streaming, Real-Time Analytics

For compute intensive, low latency use cases – with sub-second query performance and high concurrency

Size Capacity (in GBs) vCPU RAM (in GBs) US PriceEU Price ($/hr)
A.02 200 24 144 $2.60$3.12
30 day Free Trial
A.04 400 28 175 $5.20$6.24
A.08 800 36 275 $10.40$12.48
A.12 1200 64 450 $15.60$18.72
A.16 1600 72 550 $20.80$24.96
A.24 2400 108 825 $31.20$37.44
A.32 3200 144 1100 $41.60$49.92
A.48 4800 216 1650 $62.40$74.88
A.64 6400 288 2200 $83.20$99.84
A.96 9600 440 3300 $124.80$149.76
Series D: General Purpose Analytics

Balance compute, memory, and storage capacity and cost-effectively analyze large amounts of data

Size Capacity (in GBs) vCPU RAM (in GBs) US PriceEU Price ($/hr)
D.16 1600 20 140 $5.60$6.72
D.24 2400 30 210 $8.40$10.08
D.32 3200 40 280 $11.20$13.44
D.48 4800 60 420 $16.80$20.16
D.64 6400 80 560 $22.40$26.88
D.96 9600 120 840 $33.60$40.32

Data Ingestion Pricing

Polaris ingestion autoscales to meet your needs. You pay only for what you ingest.

Item US PriceEU Price
Streaming Data Ingestion ($/GB) $0.60$0.72
Batch Data Ingestion ($/ GB) $0.30$0.36

Ingestion is free during the Free trial

File Storage Pricing

Polaris enables you to store files for ingestion. You only pay for the file storage you use.

Item US PriceEU Price
File Storage ($/GB- month) $0.06$0.07

File Storage is free during the Free trial

As technical or business requirements evolve and change, it’s easy to move between Series A and Series D node types with a single click.

Questions about pricing?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which Imply Polaris tier is right for me?

We recommend selecting an Imply Polaris tier whose data capacity satisfies the data storage requirement of your use case. If you are not sure of your use case data sizing then signup for a free trial to ingest and size the data. You can also contact us to discuss your use case, schemas, queries, and tables for an accurate recommendation.

How is Imply Polaris priced?

Imply Polaris follows a consumption-based model. We meter the following components:

  • Selected Imply Polaris tier ($/hr)
  • Batch and Streaming Data Ingested ($/GB)
  • File Storage ($/GB-month)

How is my monthly bill calculated?

Your Imply Polaris monthly bill is based on resources consumption and calculated as below:

  • Selected Imply Polaris tier list price * # of hours in the month
  • Batch data ingestion list price * batch data ingested during the month (in GBs)
  • Streaming data ingestion list price * streaming data ingested during the month (in GBs)
  • File storage list price * data stored (in GB-month)

Do you provide volume discounts?

Yes, we provide discounts when you commit to a Savings Plan.
Contact us to learn more about and transition to a Savings Plan.

Can I scale up or down my Imply Polaris tier?

Yes, you can scale up or down your Imply Polaris tier at any time.

How does Imply secure my data?

Verification/authentication is required for any users accessing your account and the data within (includes support for SSO). Role-based access for controlling user access to all elements/functions in the application. All data stored in Imply Polaris is encrypted using AES-256 strong encryption. All data in transit to Imply Polaris uses industry best practice recommendations for strong encryption (TLS 1.2).

Do you support use cases that require larger than 9.6 TB capacity?

Contact Imply for your custom data sizing requirements..

Do you provide technical support?

Yes, Imply provides standard level of support by default with Polaris. Customers who need higher level of support and quicker response times can upgrade to mission-critical level of support (see Support Terms for details). Please work with your Imply sales representative to understand pricing for mission-critical support.

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