Imply Cloud

Imply Cloud is a managed service for AWS. With Imply Cloud, you can explore and visualize large-scale activity streams without the need to build and manage your own infrastructure.

Managed Clusters

Imply Cloud deploys nodes in a Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) running in your Amazon Web Services account. You own the cluster and the data. The main features include:

Imply Analytics

Leverage Imply Analytics to explore all of your event streams. Find root causes, compare ad hoc slices of data, and share insights with teammates.

Connect Other Tools

Directly connect BI tools such as Tableau, Zeppelin, Looker, etc. to your cluster. You have complete flexibility to choose the tools to use for reporting and dashboarding. You can also use SQL or direct Druid queries to build your own applications.


Leverage Clarity for full operational visibility. Explore anomalies and performance metrics to understand exactly what is happening within your cluster. Quickly diagnose issues and find root causes of problems.

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