The digital world is reshaping the business model of the Oil & Gas industry. Operational efficiency across the supply chain and customer experience must be reimagined, and data is the catalyst for innovation and transformation. Legacy data architecture cannot meet today’s need for speed, flexibility, and innovation.

Confluent delivers a platform for data in motion based on Apache Kafka® that empowers oil and gas companies to easily access real-time events, unlock legacy data, integrate data silos, and make them interoperable. Similarly, Imply offers a real-time data analytics platform based on Apache Druid® that enables organizations to visualize and explore data instantly, providing deep insights and operational intelligence.

During this virtual forum, we’ll discuss real-world examples including use cases and architectures, and how Confluent and Imply are powering Oil & Gas organizations to leverage:

  • Real-time end-to-end visibility
  • Customer 360 and predictive support
  • Real-time analytics IoT Ingestion
  • Edge computing for low latency
  • Reliable and intuitive B2B and B2C communication

Join us to learn how these platforms can help you build innovative real-time applications, deliver premium member experiences, mitigate cyber risk, and meet stringent regulatory requirements.

This is a past event.

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Kai Waehner
Field CTO
Benjamin Hopp
Lead Solution Architect

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