Apache Druid (incubating) is a high performance real-time analytics database

Analyze event streams

Druid provides fast analytical queries, at high concurrency, on event-driven data. Druid can instantaneously ingest streaming data and provide sub-second queries to power interactive UIs.

Utilize reimagined architecture

Druid is a new type of database that combines ideas from OLAP/analytic databases, timeseries databases, and search systems to enable new use cases in streaming architectures.

Build event-driven data stacks

Druid integrates natively with message buses (Kafka, AWS Kinesis, etc) and data lakes (HDFS, AWS S3, etc). Druid works especially well as a query layer for stream hubs and stream processors.

Deploy anywhere

Druid can be deployed in any *NIX environment on commodity hardware, both in the cloud and on premise. Druid is cloud-native: scaling up and down is as simple as adding and removing processes.

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