Preparing your AWS account using the AWS CLI

Creating the AWS CloudFormation Stack with the AWS CLI

Cloud Signup CLI

To create the AWS CloudFormation Stack with the AWS CLI, use the following command:

aws cloudformation create-stack --stack-name imply-cloud-account --region us-east-1 --template-url --capabilities CAPABILITY_NAMED_IAM --parameters ParameterKey=ExternalId,ParameterValue={EXTERNAL_ID}

Note that the region should be updated to your desired AWS region. To check status and collect the required information for us to create your account, the following command can be used:

aws cloudformation --stack-name imply-cloud-account
Optional Parameter

Other available parameters that can be set via the CLI are:


  • Default: Yes
  • Yes or No, should an S3 bucket be created as a part of this CloudFormation stack


  • Default: none
  • The name of the S3 bucket to create or use; if not set it will be automatically generated


  • Default: imply-cloud-manager
  • The name of the role to be used by Imply Cloud Manager to create and manage your clusters via cross-account access


  • Default: imply-cloud-instance
  • The name of the role to be used by the EC2 instances to configure and access necessary resources, including the S3 bucket Imply will use for deep storage

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