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Imply delivers a complete, Real-Time Database for modern Analytics Applications on the Azure Marketplace

Imply Enterprise Hybrid offer details

Imply Enterprise Hybrid – Azure Mkt is a VCP-based offer where you control the infrastructure and you own the data, and we makes operations easy by managing your Imply cluster.

Pricing for Imply Enterprise Hybrid – Azure Marketplace public offer is as follows:

Product NameSKUDescriptionPrice
Imply Managed – Azure MktImply_Ent_Hy_AZImply Enterprise Hybrid (Azure Mkt) – 12 Processors per Hour, 1 Pivot user$12,600 (12 month contract)
Additional usage feesImply_Ent_Hy_AZ_ADDAdditional Processor per hour$0.110
IAP Software LicenseThe Imply Analytics Platform (IAP) includes the following components: Imply Clarity, Imply UI Analytics, Imply Cluster Manager, Imply’s distribution of Apache Druid and proprietary extensions to Druid.
ProcessorA vCPU running Imply , which is at the basis of our pricing.
Reserved ProcessorNumber of processors that can be running at any time without incurring additional charges.
Pivot UserSingle, concurrent access to the Pivot application via a web interface or API.
Invoice ExampleIn addition to 12 processors per hour running during a review period. IAP ran an additional 5 processors for 40 hours. The amount due for that month is $22.60(5 processors X 40 hours X $0.11/processor-hour).
Consulting ServicesImply will perform (6) six hours of remote consulting services, as agreed between the parties during the current License Term.
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