Imply is a real-time analytics solution to store, query, and visualize event-driven data. It is built around Apache Druid, a widely-adopted open source real-time analytics database architected to support streaming ingest and sub-second ad-hoc queries at scale.

What we offer

Imply works out of the box to load data from modern streaming systems such as Apache Kafka, Apache Spark Streaming, AWS Kinesis and more.

Available on-prem and as a managed cloud service, the Imply solution complements Druid with:

  • Imply Pivot, an operational analytics UI
  • Imply Clarity, a performance analytics and monitoring tool
  • Imply Manager, an easy cluster management and deployment tool
  • Imply Security, a comprehensive enterprise grade security system

Imply is used to interactively analyze and explore a wide range of event-driven data, including:

  • Clickstreams
  • Application metrics
  • Network telemetry
  • Log data
  • Machine data (IoT)

About the company

Founded in 2015 by the creators of Druid, the company is headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area with sales and support presence in North America, Europe and Asia Pacific. Its customers include leaders in the financial services, communications, media, hospitality, retail, gaming and technology industries. Investors in Imply include leading Silicon Valley venture capital firms Andreessen Horowitz, Geodesic Capital and Khosla Ventures.

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Our mission at Imply is to help our customers explore and understand their data, while also giving back to the open source community.

Employees earn great compensation & benefits, work with some of the brightest minds in Silicon Valley, and get the opportunity to accelerate their careers.

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