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Learn the best practices for data modeling in Druid from partioning to schema design patterns and nested data.

Multi-dimensional range partioning in Druid

Druid always partitions data by the timestamp dimension to benefit time-based analytical queries. A secondary partitioning is available to further break down the time chunks into manageable partition sizes.

Joins in Apache Druid

This blog explores Druid’s multiple options for joins, including ingestion-time and query-time joins, catering to different use cases and data scenarios.

Exploring Unnest in Druid

This article shows how Druid supports multi-value strings through multi-value dimensions (MVDs), which automatically flattens during a group-by.

Learn how to achieve sub-second responses with Apache Druid

A review of Druid’s query processing engine with an eye on performance. Provides many data modeling and query tips that improve response times.

The Significance of Schema Auto-Discovery in Apache Druid

This article provides a technical overview of the schema auto-discovery feature in Apache Druid through a practical IoT telemetry use case.

Working with changing data

This lesson covers key considerations when working with data sources that mutate over time, including creating tables from streaming data and using schema auto-discovery.

Working with Nested JSON in Druid

This lesson covers key considerations for how to use nested data in Apache Druid.

Pruning in Druid

Fourth and last video in the Partitioning Series that describes and demos how different partitioning strategies provide segment pruning at query time.

Range Partitioning in Druid

Third video in the Partitioning Series that explains how single dimension and range partitioning work.

Hash Partitioning in Druid

Second video in the Partitioning Series that describes the details of how hash partitioning works.

Intro & Dynamic Partitioning in Druid

First in the Partitioning Series of videos that explains the concepts of time partitioning and secondary partitioning.

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