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Learn how to configure and tune Druid to run it in a highly available, highly performant cluster at scale.

Distributed by Nature: Druid at Scale

This blog explains how Druid’s architecture and built-in automation makes it easy to operate and scale in cloud and k8s environments.

Scaling a Druid cluster

This lesson walks through design and implementation of Druid infrastructure, including Initial Cluster Creation, Infrastructure Provider Choice, Adding and Removing Capacity, Landscape Design, and Performance Tuning

Monitoring a Druid Cluster

This lesson covers how to consider and implement monitoring for internal Druid operations and cluster infrastructure.

Securing a Druid Cluster

This lesson described how to make a Druid cluster secure, including authoriztion, authentication, network security, and best practices.

Providing High Availability and Disaster Recovery

This lesson provides details on designing and implementing Druid to ensure always-on operations and high data durability.

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