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Learn how to install Druid on a single CPU laptop to a cluster of 1000s of nodes across public and private clouds.

Planning a Druid Project

For people getting started with Apache Druid, this lesson takes a developer through all the key planning phases for a Druid project, including purpose, queries, data sources, visualization, infrastructure, and documentation.

Generating Synthetic Data for Development and Testing

This lesson outlines various approaches to generating synthetic data for nonproduction uses, including data requirements and programmatic generation.

Wow, That was Easy – Up and Running with Apache Druid

This tutorial outlines how to install and use Apache Druid. It covers the installation process and the use of Druid SQL ingestion to import data and execute SQL queries.

Using Apache Druid with

With on premise setups, compute/storage separation is often implemented using a NAS or similar storage unit that exposes an S3 API endpoint. This tutorial shows how to set up Druid with MinIO, an open source, S3 compatible object storage.

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