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Hot analytics and the data warehouse deficit

by Matt Sarrel · Peter Kacandes · in Industry · July 15, 2020

One of the most important considerations when selecting an analytics platform is its suitability to conduct the required analyses over specific types of data within a given performance threshold. A helpful way to think about this is to utilize the concept of temperature-tiered analytics to align analytics needs with data architectures.

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A Reference Architecture for Real-Time IoT Analytics feat. Apache Druid

by Eric Graham · in Apache Druid · February 28, 2020

Analyzing the potential petabytes or more of data from all these devices goes way beyond existing data warehouses or data lakes. Fortunately companies have already implemented IoT analytics using Imply, the real-time intelligence platform built on Apache Druid, the leading open source real-time time analytics database.

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Why Vertica Customers Adopt Apache Druid for Real-Time Analytics

by Rob Meyer · in Industry · January 13, 2020

If you are a Vertica customer, you probably already know this. Vertica is not built for real-time operational analytics at scale. If you do not know Vertica very well, you might be surprised. This statement may seem controversial. It’s not. Nearly ¼ of Imply customers were existing Vertica customers who purchased Imply, a commercially supported version of Apache Druid, because they were trying to implement operational analytics and hit limitations with Vertica. Other Vertica customers also use open source Druid and self-support.

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Blueshift: Scaling real-time campaign analytics with Apache Druid

by Anuraj Pandey, Blueshift · in User stories · August 8, 2019

Blueshift is an AI-powered customer data activation platform enabling CRM and product marketers to intelligently manage their audiences and orchestrate large-scale personalized messaging campaigns at scale. Blueshift offers real-time campaign analytics as a core capability in the platform. Campaign analytics break down engagement metrics like impressions, clicks, conversions etc by channel, trigger, experiment etc. Currently two billion+ user interactions are tracked on a monthly basis.

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