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Tutorial: Add BGP Analytics to your Imply netflow analysis

by Eric Graham · Paolo Lucente, NTT · in Solutions · June 8, 2020

Imply is a real-time data platform for self-service analytics. It is very well suited for high performance analytics against event-driven data. One of the common use cases is to store, analyze, and visualize different types of networking data (NetFlow v5/v9, sFlow, IPFIX, etc.).

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Imply lookups for enhanced network flow visibility

by Eric Graham · in Solutions · November 26, 2018

Within Druid there are multiple ways to enhance visibility for existing network flow records. This how-to blog covers one way to do this using Druid lookup tables.

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Who is knocking on our door? Analyzing AWS Netflows

by Vadim Ogievetsky · in Solutions · June 27, 2018

We ingested our internal AWS VPC netflows into Imply and found something surprising.

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