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Join Lyft, Outbrain, Innowatts and FullContact for the next Virtual Druid Summit November 18

by Jelena Zanko · in User stories · October 30, 2020

We’re thrilled to announce that the fourth edition of Virtual Druid Summit will be taking place on November 18, 2020!

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Continuing the Virtual Druid Summit Conversation: Netflix Closes the Loop

by Jelena Zanko · in User stories · September 30, 2020

We promised you closure, and we’re offering exactly that in a neatly-packaged blog post. Ben Sykes, Sr. Software Engineer at Netflix, has answered the questions that he wasn’t able to address during his Virtual Druid Summit II session: How Netflix Uses Druid in Real-time to Ensure a High Quality Streaming Experience.

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Virtual Druid Summit Returns with Talks from Pinterest, Splunk, GameAnalytics, Nielsen, and Zeotap

by Jelena Zanko · in User stories · September 18, 2020

Though you might have heard that Virtual Druid Summit was returning, did you guess that it would be so soon? We’re stoked, too! The third installment of Virtual Druid Summit will be taking place on October 7, 2020.

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Join Target, Twitch, Netflix and TrafficGuard on the Sep 2 Edition of Virtual Druid Summit!

by Jelena Zanko · in User stories · August 19, 2020

Because we care deeply about the health of the community while continuing to deliver the most interesting Apache Druid stories, we’re hosting the second edition of Virtual Druid Summit II on September 2, 2020.

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Announcing Virtual Druid Summit - April 15, 2020

by Rick Bilodeau · in User stories · March 24, 2020

I am happy to tell you that 10 days after we officially postponed Druid Summit, we have now launched Virtual Druid Summit, which will take place as a series of online talks on April 15. Each talk will be a spicy 30 minutes of real-world information, followed by Q/A. There are 5 talks from Druid practitioners from a variety of industries and spanning 3 continents. The summit will open with a Apache Druid Roadmap and Vision talk from Apache Druid PMC Chair Gian Merlino, and will close with a 2-way voice-interactive “ask us anything” session featuring Druid authors and contributors.

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