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Community Spotlight: SuperAwesome kid-safe internet advertising powered by Apache Druid

by Peter Marshall · in User stories · January 24, 2021

SuperAwesome’s mission is to “make the internet safer for kids”: a safe, effective, and entertaining place that is 100% “Kid Safe”, including an advertising system that protects the personal data of children.

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Community Spotlight: Amobee leapfrogs advertising competitors with Apache Druid

by Peter Marshall · in User stories · December 2, 2020

Amobee provides end-to-end advertising campaign and portfolio management across TV, digital and social media for some of the world’s largest brands, from Pringles to Spotify.

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Join Lyft, Outbrain, Innowatts and FullContact for the next Virtual Druid Summit November 18

by Jelena Zanko · in User stories · October 30, 2020

We’re thrilled to announce that the fourth edition of Virtual Druid Summit will be taking place on November 18, 2020!

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Community Spotlight: LiquidM powers real-time highly-targeted adtech with Apache Druid

by Matt Sarrel · in User stories · October 26, 2020

LiquidM provides modular cloud-based software that allows agencies and trading desks to run their adtech activities and campaigns on a customizable, standardized, open platform. LiquidM provides real time efficiency, control, and insights into media planning and buying.

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Community Spotlight: Pollfish survey insights, powered by Apache Druid

by Peter Marshall · in User stories · October 14, 2020

Pollfish, the “easiest and most affordable way to get real-time insights from real consumers”, delivers democratic, real-time insights with an innovative Apache Druid®-powered pipeline that includes microservices leveraging an open-source Scala library for Apache Druid: Scruid. Anastasios Skarlatidis, Director of Data Engineering and Science at Pollfish, tells more.

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Community Spotlight: Innowatts provides AI-driven analytics for the power industry

by Matt Sarrel · in User stories · September 30, 2020

Innowatts provides an AI-driven data analytics SaaS platform for power utilities and retailers worldwide. Customers rely on Innowatts and the 40 million plus meters they are managing for the data needed to be more predictive, proactive and connected to their customers and ratepayers, helping them better manage risk, improve profitability, maintain grid reliability and anticipate sustainability trends.

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Continuing the Virtual Druid Summit Conversation: Netflix Closes the Loop

by Jelena Zanko · in User stories · September 30, 2020

We promised you closure, and we’re offering exactly that in a neatly-packaged blog post. Ben Sykes, Sr. Software Engineer at Netflix, has answered the questions that he wasn’t able to address during his Virtual Druid Summit II session: How Netflix Uses Druid in Real-time to Ensure a High Quality Streaming Experience.

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Community Spotlight: Mindhouse Achieves Monitoring Nirvana with Apache Druid

by Matt Sarrel · in User stories · September 10, 2020

We recently discussed Mindhouse’s use of Apache Druid for clickstream data analysis and user behavior funnel analysis with Ankur Gupta, the company’s engineering technical lead. Ankur’s team relies on Druid to “segment users and understand how they are using our app”, and finds that “it’s especially helpful when we launch a new feature because we can understand the acceptance of the feature based on current user activity”.

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Apache Druid hits 10,000 Github star milestone

by Matt Sarrel · in User stories · September 9, 2020

We’ve always believed that community growth and collaboration is critical to the success of Apache Druid. For this reason, we’re excited to announce that last week, the Druid Github repository passed 10,000 stars!

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Continuing the Virtual Druid Summit Conversation with Athena Health

by Karthik Urs, Athena Health · in User stories · May 11, 2020

When an engaged technical audience asks great questions, it’s easy to run out of time during Q&A. And that’s exactly what happened at Virtual Druid Summit! Because our speakers weren’t able to address all of your questions during the live sessions, we’re following up with the answers you deserve in a series of blog posts.

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Continuing the Virtual Druid Summit Conversation: Twitter has Answers

by Swapnesh Gandhi, Twitter · in User stories · May 1, 2020

Thanks again to everyone who attended Virtual Druid Summit, and for being so engaged – as we previously mentioned, our speakers received more than 150 questions across their collective sessions! Unfortunately, there wasn’t enough time to answer all of your very good questions during the live sessions. In an effort to bring you some closure, we’ve invited our esteemed speakers to address the remaining questions in a series of blog posts.

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What Went Down at the Virtual Druid Summit

by Rachel Pedreschi · in User stories · April 24, 2020

I want first to thank everyone involved with making our first, albeit a tad non-standard, Druid Summit a smashing success. We, and the hundreds of folks who had purchased tickets, were extremely disappointed to postpone our first physical Druid Summit to November, but we were fortunate to have 10 great speakers agree to do their presentations virtually.

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Announcing Virtual Druid Summit - April 15, 2020

by Rick Bilodeau · in User stories · March 24, 2020

I am happy to tell you that 10 days after we officially postponed Druid Summit, we have now launched Virtual Druid Summit, which will take place as a series of online talks on April 15. Each talk will be a spicy 30 minutes of real-world information, followed by Q/A. There are 5 talks from Druid practitioners from a variety of industries and spanning 3 continents. The summit will open with a Apache Druid Roadmap and Vision talk from Apache Druid PMC Chair Gian Merlino, and will close with a 2-way voice-interactive “ask us anything” session featuring Druid authors and contributors.

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Results of the first Apache Druid (incubating) community survey

by Gian Merlino · in Apache Druid · June 25, 2019

We recently conducted our first Druid community survey. Every so often we’ll be asking our community a short set of questions to understand how they use Druid, and how they would like to see it improved.

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November 2017 Druid Bay Area Meetup - MZ, Slack, Druid Roadmap

by Gian Merlino · in User stories · November 29, 2017

November 2017 Druid Bay Area Meetup video, with talks from MZ and Slack, and a Druid roadmap update from Imply

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Druid February Meetup Slides

by Fangjin Yang · in User stories · February 23, 2017

Our last Druid meetup had great talks about how Druid is used at Branch, the ongoing work around better integrating Druid with the Hadoop ecosystem, and our roadmap plans.

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Druid December Meetup Videos

by Fangjin Yang · in User stories · December 21, 2016

Our last Druid meetup at Sift Science had 3 great talks about use cases with Druid & Imply, and the upcoming Druid roadmap.

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