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Real-time analytics at Charter

by Jacob Ferlin · Agustin Schapira · in User stories · November 9, 2020

Under the leadership of Group Vice President Michael Baldino, the Data Platforms team has led the vision, security, and daily operations for the customer-experience-focused platform. During its formative years, the Data Platforms team explored multiple options for providing real-time data. Ultimately the decision to develop a custom solution worked very well and would likely be in use today, had we not reevaluated Druid and Imply Cloud.

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TrueCar selects Imply Cloud as their self-service analytics platform

by Rick Bilodeau · in User stories · October 28, 2020

TrueCar, the leading automotive digital marketplace will use Imply to unlock insights from digital interactions, improve services with increased agility, and deliver a higher quality experience.

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Real-time data and analytics for fantasy sports

by Pradip Thoke, Dream11 · in User stories · September 17, 2020

Dream11, India's biggest fantasy sports platform, serves over 2.5 million concurrent users and handles 40 million requests per minute. Learn how Imply helped them achieve operational data excellence through a new in-house analytics platform.

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Clickstream Funnel Analysis with Apache Druid

by Mike McLaughlin · in Solutions · September 11, 2019

Apache Druid is commonly used for clickstream funnel analysis, and in this blog post we’ll deep dive into how you can collect and analyze funnel data. While there are applications designed for clickstream analysis, such as Google Analytics and Adobe SiteCatalyst (previously Omniture), Druid is ideal when you have significant scale.

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Clickstream Analysis - An Open Source Architecture

by Mike McLaughlin · Peter Marshall · in Solutions · June 12, 2019

A triad of open source projects - Divolte, Apache Kafka and Apache Druid - can power real-time collection, streaming and interactive visualisation of clickstreams, so you can investigate and explore what’s happening on your digital channels as easily as looking out of your office window.

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