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Apache Druid Best Practices - Determining Worker Capacity (slots) for Automatic Compaction

by Venkatraman Poornalingam · in Solutions · May 22, 2020

In Apache Druid, Compaction basically helps with managing the segments for a given datasource. Using compaction, we can either merge smaller segments or split large segments to optimize segment size. One of the first options to consider would be to determine, if the segments could be generated optimally. If that isn’t possible, compaction would be required.

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How to analyze AWS VPC logs with Imply

by Eric Graham · in Solutions · March 14, 2019

Have you ever wanted more visibility in your AWS network traffic? This how-to blog covers how to analyze VPC flow logs with Imply.

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Who is knocking on our door? Analyzing AWS Netflows

by Vadim Ogievetsky · in Solutions · June 27, 2018

We ingested our internal AWS VPC netflows into Imply and found something surprising.

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Announcing Imply Cloud: Managed Service for AWS

by Vadim Ogievetsky · in Imply platform · March 13, 2018

Today, we are excited to announce that Imply Cloud, a fully managed service for AWS, is now generally available.

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