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Community Spotlight: SuperAwesome kid-safe internet advertising powered by Apache Druid

by Peter Marshall · in User stories · January 24, 2021

SuperAwesome’s mission is to “make the internet safer for kids”: a safe, effective, and entertaining place that is 100% “Kid Safe”, including an advertising system that protects the personal data of children.

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Community Spotlight: Amobee leapfrogs advertising competitors with Apache Druid

by Peter Marshall · in User stories · December 2, 2020

Amobee provides end-to-end advertising campaign and portfolio management across TV, digital and social media for some of the world’s largest brands, from Pringles to Spotify.

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Community Spotlight: LiquidM powers real-time highly-targeted adtech with Apache Druid

by Matt Sarrel · in User stories · October 26, 2020

LiquidM provides modular cloud-based software that allows agencies and trading desks to run their adtech activities and campaigns on a customizable, standardized, open platform. LiquidM provides real time efficiency, control, and insights into media planning and buying.

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Interactive Analytics at MoPub (Twitter): Using Druid and Imply to Query Terabytes of Data in Seconds

by Rick Bilodeau · in User stories · July 5, 2019

MoPub, a Twitter company, has just launched a new solution called MoPub Analytics based on Apache Druid and using Imply Pivot as the drag-and-drop UI. The solution allows users to determine the root cause of new data trends by interactively analyzing the data across many different time slices, dimensions, and metrics.

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Modernizing Rubicon Project’s Analytics Stack for Programmatic Advertising

by Ken Lin · in User stories · October 22, 2018

Rubicon Project, one of the world’s largest digital advertising exchanges, has modernized their analytics stack with Druid and Imply.

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