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Monitor and analyze user activity at scale to improve
your digital experience and maximize lifetime value.

For companies whose digital experience is critical to success

  • SaaS products and services
  • Games publishers and platforms
  • Media and entertainment
  • Ecommerce

Unearthing behavioral insights requires fresh data and fast queries

Never before have companies had as much data about how their customers use their products as they do now. Online offerings provide the opportunity to know in detail, and act upon, how real users are engaging with product features and digital experiences. A better user experience leads to stickiness, less churn, and higher lifetime value.

However, user behavior insights are buried in huge and fast-moving volumes of clickstream and interaction data that must be tied to historical and contextual datasets to be actionable. Product managers and marketers need access to this data as it is generated, with the ability to explore it easily, while applying their business intuition.

Today’s analytics systems are not equipped to handle the scale and speed of behavior data across millions of users. They can’t respond to user queries fast enough to provide an interactive analytics experience, nor can they keep up with the flow of real-time data.

Imply has the speed at scale to deliver self-service user behavior insights

Imply is a self-service analytics solution for business managers and professional analysts to interactively explore user behavior data at tremendous speed and scale. With Imply you can evaluate A/B tests, perform funnel analysis, and detect and diagnose anomalous user behavior, even across huge user populations.

Imply provides:

  • Sub-second response to ad hoc queries against huge data sets and with hundreds of concurrent analytics users.
  • Interactive drag-and-drop UI for data exploration; it's intuitive enough for business people and powerful enough for trained analysts.
  • Batch and streaming ingestion for immediate data visibility at millions of events per second.
  • Alerts to data anomalies based on static or dynamic thresholds.
  • An "Explain" feature for machine-aided identification of potential root causes.

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