Network Monitoring

Imply helps you proactively find trends, diagnose problems, and identify opportunities quicker than ever.

Imply gives you a single pane of glass to unify all your network data to detect, diagnose and fix network problems quickly. It’s a real-time analytics platform, so you get up-to-the-second data visibility across a diverse range of streaming and batch-oriented sources. A drag-and-drop interface alerts you to anomalies and lets you diagnose issues by interactively analyzing data across hundreds of dimensions.

Visibility from End-to-end and top-to-bottom

Monitor and correlate network flows from numerous sources, WAN data (BGP and MPLS), endpoint data (CPE, customer-owned devices), SDN data (VRS, signal to noise ratio), and CMTS/Headend data statistics.

Self-service analytics for network operations

Imply's sub-second query speed allows users to visually explore network data through the Imply Pivot analytics UI or your in-house application. Non-technical users can drill down and slice/dice data to diagnose issues or reveal insights with fluidity.

Cost effective and performant at scale

Imply leverages Druid’s ability to roll up raw data at ingestion time to substantially reduce the amount of data that needs to be stored for queries. NetFlow data stored in Druid is up to 1000x smaller than the raw data ingested in existing production clusters. This leads to substantial storage savings and direct performance benefits.


Monitor network performance and prevent issues

Some of the world's largest carrier networks use Imply to stay on top of network performance, detect concerning variance in metrics, and take action to prevent impact to customers.

Detect DDOS attacks

DDOS prevention has become a mainstay of corporate and e-commerce network security. Imply's ability to analyze vast scales of data in real-time has made it an excellent fit for detecting and mitigating these attacks' impact.

Plan capacity and shape traffic

Imply gives you a unique tool for exploring vast amounts of unified network performance data to understand where hot spots lie and where to add and remove capacity in your network to ensure a positive customer experience economically.

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