Network monitoring

A single pane of glass for analyzing real-time network flows.

Businesses that rely on network availability and performance

  • Wireless operators
  • Cable operators and MSOs
  • Streaming media and entertainment

Fragmented network monitoring leads to
slower detection of congestion and outages.

The complexity of modern networks has led to a plethora of single-use tools. One for Netflow data, another for syslog, another for BGP. This fragmentation creates difficulties and delays in diagnosing network performance anomalies. It’s difficult to correlate activity across different tools without lots of hand-cranked analytics which takes time and is error prone. This inability to diagnose and fix issues leads to performance degradation, outages, customer dissatisfaction, lost revenues and churn.

Imply unifies your network signals into a
real-time self-service analytics platform

Imply gives you a single pane of glass to unify all your network data to quickly detect, diagnose and fix network problems. It’s a real-time analytics platform, so you get up-to-the second data visibility across a diverse range of streaming and batch-oriented sources. Through a drag-and-drop interface it alerts you to anomalies and lets you diagnose issues by interactively analyzing data across hundreds of dimensions.

End-to-end and top-to-bottom visibility

  • Network flows from numerous sources(Netflow, Juniper, syslog)
  • WAN data (BGP and MPLS)
  • Endpoint data (CPE, customer-owned devices)
  • SDN data (VRS)
  • Signal to noise ratio
  • CMTS/Headend data statistics

Imply lets you improve the following

  • Detect DDoS attacks
  • Diagnose network performance issues
  • Plan capacity and shape traffic
  • Analyze network costs

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