Ad hoc analytics on IoT data

Go beyond time-based queries for factories, field equipment and smart devices.

Gain insights from your machines

From monitoring the factory line to predicting maintenance on expensive field equipment or aggregating data from huge populations of smart devices, Imply offers a powerful solution for self-service and real-time analysis of server and device metrics. Ingest machine-generated data in real-time, and perform rapid ad-hoc analytics to measure performance, optimize hardware resources, or identify issues.

Sub-second response on diverse interactive queries

Unlike many timeseries databases (TSDBs), Imply is an analytics engine at heart, and combines architectural concepts from timeseries databases, column-oriented analytic databases, and logging/monitoring solutions. It combines time-based partitioning, column-oriented storage, and search indexes in a single system. This means time-based queries, numerical aggregations, and search and filter queries are extremely fast.

Faster and more flexible than TSDBs

Imply unlocks the power of the Apache Druid analytics database, which enables workflows with device and server metrics beyond whats possible with a traditional timeseries database.

  • Include thousands of tags with your metrics, and arbitrarily group and filter on any combination of tags.
  • Group and rank on tags, and compute a variety of complex metrics.
  • Search and filter on tag values orders of magnitude faster than a TSDB.

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