Digital Advertising

Run insightful real-time advertising analytics for profitable campaigns.

Give publishers and ads ops real-time analytics. Imply Data Platform is built to provide interactive analytics for digital advertising platforms. Visualize real time data with sub-second latency.

Real-time insights on campaign performance

Imply's query engine powers instant analytics on huge data sets combining batch and streaming data sources so advertisers and publishers can evaluate the campaign effectiveness by creative execution, media site and audience or any other dimension. Measure and understand advertising campaign performance, click through rates, conversion rates (attrition rates), and much more.

Access to self-service analytics

Put the power of analytics in the hands of your publisher partners so they can come to their own conclusions about camapigns directly. This gives them control and transparency and you get a happy and loyal customer.

Multi-channel attribution and sensitivity

With Imply you can instantly compute impressions, clicks, eCPM, and key conversion metrics, filtered on publisher, campaign, and end-user characteristics. Explore this data interactively to diagnose anomalies and get to insights. Present the data visually in dashboards and reports, and easily share it across your company.

Launch new products and services with real-time analytics features

Customers launch new products or enhance existing ones with real-time analytics features to differentiate themselves in the marketplace and wow their users.

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