Digital advertising analytics

The analytics solution in use at Twitter, Twitch & Pinterest

Measure real-time campaign performance

Imply is commonly used to store and query online advertising data. This data typically comes from ad servers and is critical to measuring and understanding advertising campaign performance, click through rates, conversion rates (attrition rates), and much more.

A visual interactive UI on top of big data analytics

Imply’s core engine, Apache Druid, was initially designed to power a user-facing analytics application for digital advertising data. Druid and Imply have seen substantial production use for this type of data and the largest clusters in the world hold petabytes of data on thousands of servers. Imply provides the most-feature rich Druid available, coupled with a powerful and intuive UI so that anyone, from advertising ops to executives, can rapidly slice and dice the data.

Explore and investigate interactively to get to insights quickly

With Imply you can instantly compute impressions, clicks, eCPM, and key conversion metrics, filtered on publisher, campaign, and end-user characteristics. Explore this data interactively to diagnose anomalies and get to insights. Present the data visually in dashboards and reports, and easily share it across your company.

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