Monitor and analyze user activity at scale to improve your digital experience and maximize lifetime value.

Improve your digital experience by analyzing user activity at scale

Self-service operational analytics at NTT
Powering real-time analytics at BT
Imply Demo - Network Monitoring at Scale

Imply unifies your network signals into a real-time self-service analytics platform

Imply gives you a single pane of glass to unify all your network data to quickly detect, diagnose and fix network problems. It’s a real-time analytics platform, so you get up-to-the second data visibility across a diverse range of streaming and batch-oriented sources. Through a drag-and-drop interface it alerts you to anomalies and lets you diagnose issues by interactively analyzing data across hundreds of dimensions.

Interactive analytics for a fluid UX

Sub-second response to ad hoc queries gives users the ability to have a conversation with their data, investigate anomalies and gain insights with fluidity.

Consistent performance at high user concurrency

A great experience needs to be mainainted even when you have thousands of customers using your analaytics service. Imply’s analytics engine scales with query concurrency as well as data size.

Extraordinary price-performance

Imply’s unique architecture is extremely efficient with the underlying infrastructure. It uses advanced indexing, compression and partitioning techniques to deliver queries with less processing than alternatives.

Power the analytics experience through Imply Pivot or your custom UI.

Imply Pivot is purpose-built for fast visualization of interactive analytics queries without pre-compute or caching. You can also plug the Imply analytics engine into your own customer UI via API.

Where Imply can help

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Detect DDOS attacks

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Diagnose network performance issues

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Plan capacity and shape traffic

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Demo - Network performance monitoring at scale

Sr. Solutions Engineer Eric Graham shows off an Imply netwokr monitoring demo featuring streaming telemetry, Syslog, and pmacct.

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