Data Analytics Monetization

Build data products that make your customers more effective, loyal and profitable.

Grow customer life-time value and reduce churn by delivering data analytics products. Giving customers ways to gain transparency and insights into the use of your product or service will make them more effective users plus make your partnership stickier. That means more pricing power and lower churn.

Interactive analytics for a fluid UX

Sub-second response to ad hoc queries gives users the ability to have a conversation with their data, investigate anomalies and gain insights with fluidity.

Consistent performance at high user concurrency

A great experience needs to be maintained even when you have thousands of customers using your analytics service. Imply's analytics engine scales with query concurrency as well as data size.

Extraordinary price-performance

Imply's unique architecture is highly efficient with the underlying infrastructure. It uses advanced indexing, compression, and partitioning techniques to deliver queries with less processing than alternatives.

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Data Analytics Monetization

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