Cybersecurity and Fraud Operations Analytics

Improve operational efficiencies and mitigate security, regulatory and compliance risks

Provide analysts the ability to explore large data sets in real-time with higher speed to correctly and quickly disposition flagged activity.

Monitor and analyze logs and network events to prevent and investigate cyber threats.

Unlock self-service analytics for analysts

Identify and resolve security vulnerabilities to protect your customers and users

Improve customer journey by providing them with a safe and secure digital experience

Detect and prevent cyber threats through interactive data analytics and real-time alerting

Predict, identify and prevent anomalous activity by creating workflows and alerts that works on large data sets in real-time

Disposition flagged transactions faster with sub-second query responses

Expedite case resolution by faster time-to-insight into flagged transactions


Self-service analytics to enable data driven decisions

Customers across industries such as banking, advertising and telecoms use Imply to add self-service analytics to their existing offerings. Customers gain transparency and understanding of their activities through, direct access to the data.

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Cybersecurity and Fraud Operations Analytics

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