Application performance

Some of the world’s largest companies use Imply to ingest millions of events per second, representing data from thousands of applications.

Analyze user interactions and application performance

Leverage Imply to track the operational data generated by your applications, including user interactions plus metrics emitted by the application itself. You can use Imply to visually drill into how users work within your application, and monitor how application components in order to identify bottlenecks and troubleshoot issues.

Handle hundreds of dimensions and high cardinality

Unlike many traditional solutions, Imply doesn't constrain you when it comes to the volume, complexity, and throughput of the data you want to analyze. Rapidly analyze applications events with thousands of attributes, and compute complex metrics on load, performance, and usage. For example, rank API endpoints based on 95th percentile query latency, and slice and dice how these metrics change based on any ad-hoc set of attributes such as time of day, user demographic, or datacenter location.

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