Imply Manager

Simple configuration, scale-up and upgrade of your Apache Druid cluster.

Point-and-click control across your entire Druid cluster

  • View and modify runtime properties and capacity for each node and process.
  • Stop and start Druid processes by node (cost management).
  • Checkbox configuration to add file format and source extensions.

One-click cluster scale up

  • Easily take advantage of Druid horizontal scale-out. Improve ingestion, query performance, data retention or redundancy.
  • Add additional nodes for each Druid process (master, query or data nodes).
  • Save time and avoid manual errors.

Central control of versions and upgrades

  • Point-and-click node upgrades to maintain control and avoid manual errors.
  • Seamlessly upgrade or downgrade.
  • Support for Docker and Kubernetes.

Product Walk-through

Imply Manager simplifies the configuration, scaling and upgrade of Druid clusters. This video walks you through Imply Manager functionality.

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