SD Times News Digest: Imply introduces Project Shapeshift

November 11, 2021

Imply introduces Project Shapeshift

Imply introduces Project Shapeshift, the evolution of the Druid experience.

Excerpt from an article by SD Times: News Digest

Imply, an organization founded by the creators of Apache Druid, recently announced the release of Project Shapeshift, bringing developers and organizations a Druid experience that reimagines the process of building modern analytics applications. With this, a series of capabilities will be released throughout the next year in order to transform the Druid experience to better fit a cloud-native, developer-centric world.

This announcement came at Druid Summit and was given by an original creator of Apache Druid and Imply co-founder and CTO, Gian Merlino. The focus of Project Shapeshift is built upon three pillars: cloud-native, simple, and complete.

With this, the Druid experience will be simplified and the architecture will be extended to become an end-to-end solution for modern analytics applications. This architecture expansion will also include introducing a new multi-stage, decoupled query layer integrated with the core Druid database engine.