Imply Cloud Free Tier now available!

by Rick Bilodeau · in Imply platform · September 15, 2020

Today I am happy to tell you that we have just announced immediate availability of a free tier for the Imply Cloud service, so you can try out the power of the Imply platform easily and free-of-charge.

The new free tier provides all the features of the Imply Cloud commercial service, including:

  • Interactive ad hoc analytics with sub-second query response against huge data sets.
  • An intuitive UI (Imply Pivot) allowing non-technical users to reach insights easily, while also providing the power required by professional analysts.
  • Real-time data visibility through streaming and batch ingestion at millions of events per second.
  • Data ingestion from streaming platforms like Kafka and Kinesis, data lakes and data warehouses, plus integration with popular BI tools.
  • Hosted in a company’s VPC for data ownership, with the cluster managed by Imply experts through a SOC2-compliant control plane.

Imply Cloud is used across a variety of use cases from user behavior, to fraud detection, application, service or network monitoring; IoT, and supply chain data. With Imply Cloud, companies can create their own custom data applications or accelerate existing BI tools.

To learn more go here, or apply for an Imply Cloud free tier account right now at

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