Imply Completes Druid

Druid is the database of choice for developers building analytics applications at 1000s of companies. It’s a no-compromise, high-performance, real-time analytics database to power analytics applications at any scale, for any number of users, and across streaming and batch data.

Imply delivers the complete developer experience for Apache Druid. Founded by its original creators, Imply adds to the speed and scale of the database with committer-driven expertise, effortless operations, and flexible deployment to meet developers’ application requirements with ease.

Why are developers choosing Imply for Druid?

Imply Removes Production Risk

For mission-critical analytics, uptime, performance, security, and reliability are paramount. Being on your own puts the accountability on your shoulders—and the response time for troubleshooting problems via community forums is too slow and unreliable to support always-on operations. Imply offers flexible cloud deployment options and world-class support to take the angst out of deploying and managing open source software.

Imply Simplifies Data Operations

You want the speed, but not the complexity that comes with deploying, operating, upgrading, and scaling Apache Druid. That’s where Imply comes in. Choose a cloud service that deploys instantly, scales effortlessly, and doesn’t require any Druid expertise. Or run it yourself anywhere with our commercial distribution, backed by friendly committer-driven support. This includes advanced management software, monitoring, and visualization tools that make cluster operations easy through an intuitive UI.

Imply Reduces Cost of Ownership 

Druid is a powerful, scalable database, but it doesn’t offer everything you need to scale it cost-effectively. Optimal sizing and configuration of Druid infrastructure requires regular training and maintenance—and as your business grows, those resources can put a strain on your budget. Imply’s flexible Druid deployment options and Professional Services are designed to maximize database performance while minimizing costs, helping customers right-size their infrastructure, lower TCO, and accelerate time-to-value for their real-time analytics use cases.

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