Apache Druid

vs StarTree

Why are developers at Confluent, Twitter, Salesforce, Reddit and 1000+ organizations choosing Druid?

Druid is the database of choice for developers building analytics applications at 1000s of companies. It’s a no-compromise, high-performance, real-time analytics database to power analytics applications at any scale, for any number of users, and across streaming and batch data.

Sub-second at scale

From TBs to PBs and 100s to 1000s of concurrent queries, Druid’s unique distributed and CPU-efficient architecture delivers consistent sub-second query response times. It combines the performance of shared-nothing with the elasticity of shared-everything.

True stream ingestion

Druid was built for streaming data with native integration with Apache Kafka® and AWS Kinesis.  It supports massive scale ingestion of millions of events per second, query-on-arrival to analyze events instantly, and guaranteed exactly-once consistency to ensure data quality.

Non-stop reliability

For always-on applications, Druid is designed to never go down and never lose data. Its architecture is built for high availability and no data loss for streams via continuous backup and automatic recovery and rebalancing.

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