Druid vs. Clickhouse

Choose a database that is ready to grow with your analytics application

Both products deliver excellent query performance. Once you need to grow, Druid pulls ahead with 3 key differentiators.

  1. Automatic cluster balancing to enable effortless growth and always-on operation
  2. True streaming ingestion that allows data to be queried as soon as it hits the cluster
  3. Dynamic user concurrency so you can grow without worry

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Automatic Cluster Balancing

If you build a great analytics application, it is going to grow. With Apache Druid®, it is simple to grow (or shrink). Add a node, and the cluster re-balances automatically. With ClickHouse, this can be problematic.

Also consider what happens when a node goes offline. With Druid, everything is automatically rebalanced, meaning always-on performance and no downtime for maintenance. When your organization depends on your application for customer service or revenue, this is critical.

Simply put, ClickHouse cannot rebalance a cluster. Tools like clickhouse-copier can help you do this complicated, sensitive, and time consuming operation. You cannot change any data during the lengthy rebalancing process. 

True Streaming Ingestion

A modern analytics application should easily handle real-time (streaming) and historical (batch) data. Batch ingestion isn’t a problem for either Druid or Clickhouse, but what about streaming data?


ClickHouse recommends no more than a single insert request per second, up to 1,000 rows per request. This wouldn’t suffice for high-volume streaming data.


Not only is Apache Druid able to handle millions of rows per second, they are available to query immediately.

Druid’s Architecture Advantage

With Druid, you get the performance advantage of a shared-nothing cluster, combined with the flexibility of separate compute and storage, thanks to our unique combination of pre-fetch, data segments, and multi-level indexing.

Developers love Druid because it gives their analytics applications the interactivity, concurrency, and resilience they need.

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