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Learn how Imply helps companies deliver real-time data-driven applications to their employees, partners and customers.

Advertising analytics
Blis maps real-world, human behavior to help the world’s top brands and media agencies understand, reach and engage consumers. Blis uses Imply to integrate advertising opportunities, client campaign needs and real-world mobility data on a global scale, with the information presented to Blis users through the intuitive Imply Pivot analytics interface.
Network performance
Telecom giant BT uses Imply for network monitoring. They first adopted open-source Druid but partnered with Imply to reduce maintenance cost & free up valuable engineering resources. Now BT has a networking monitoring system with real-time monitoring, real-time analytics, and 100% availability.
Real-time analytics
Charter Communications is one of the world's largest telecommunications companies. Learn more about why Charter Spectrum partnered with Imply to enable the Data Platforms team's mission of democratizing data, enabling teams to access & evolve their data as needed while providing the business a set of commonly understood metrics.
AML and fraud
DBS, Southeast Asia's largest bank, uses Imply for anti-money laundering and fraud detection. They chose Imply because no other data store could provide the low latency their investigators needed to slice, dice, and drill down into their data at scale. Over 4 million transactions per day are recorded in Imply.
Product analytics
GameAnalytics is a high-growth platform that helps game developers make data-driven decisions. Learn about the migration of their UX analytics system from DynamoDB, to Kinesis and Apache Druid, delivered using Imply Cloud.
E-commerce fraud
Ibotta is a free cashback rewards platform. And they needed an interactive and real-time solution to help them combat fraud. Rapid response, democratization of data, monitoring, and alerts were key requirements Imply met.
Network flow analytics
NTT uses Imply for self-service analytics for network monitoring. By putting real-time data directly into the hands of operations, NTT reduced the meantime to resolution (MTTR) for network issues while helping to save money over alternatives.
Advertising fraud
TrafficGuard helps the world's biggest digital advertisers protect their ad spend from fraud. They partnered with Imply to help them fight ad-fraud and bots. Since their partnership, Imply has enabled their engineering team to work on higher-value business problems, maintain minimal operational costs, and achieve real-time self-service analytics.
Clickstream analytics
Imply today announced that TrueCar has selected Imply Cloud as their self-service analytics platform to unlock insights from digital interaction data, improve their services with increased agility, and deliver a higher quality experience to customers.
Self-service analytics
Twitch is the world's leading live streaming platform for gamers. To empower decision making as they scaled, they chose Imply to provide self-service analytics to their technical and non-technical staff, allowing them to drill into high-level metrics instead of reading static reports.
Advertising analytics
MoPub, a Twitter company, provides monetization solutions for mobile app publishers and developers. It receives over 33 Billion ad requests generating over 200TB of raw logs every day. They used Imply to build MoPub Analytics for publishers, demand side partners, and internal users.
Product analytics
WalkMe is behind those step-by-step online product walkthroughs, and provide their 1,700+ customers with user behavior analytics and insights. Learn how they use Imply to power their WalkMe Insights solution.
Security analytics
Cloud security leader Zscaler adopted Imply to power the analytics in their ZPA (Zscaler Private Access) solution. Scale, real-time, and flexibility were some of the criteria they needed to power their engine. Since their partnership, Imply now handles all of the aggregation/analytics portions of ZPA analytics.
Advertising reporting solution
Reddit has just launched a new advertising reporting solution based on Imply and Apache Druid, allowing Reddit advertisers to answer business questions and get fast, reliable, and flexible analytics. After adopting Imply, they’ve improved their query speed, improved system reliability, and enabled self-service analytics to business stakeholders.

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Imply's data platform is very reliable it's never down and is our backbone for real-time analytics.


Luckily, Imply made the rest simple with support to ingest either Kafka or Kinesis streams to a Druid Datasource while guaranteeing exactly-once processing


A decision had to be made to either build a bigger team to manage Druid or have a partner, a vendor, that can provide stability, the services, with the experience to drive forward. That is when the decision to engage Imply was made.

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Imply helps our team, which is quite lean, to focus on what really matters, while also adding reliability for such important components from our architecture


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