Analytics in Motion

The Next Frontier of Digital Transformation

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The business landscape has changed dramatically over the last 2 decades. Technology is at the heart of every organization’s success --- and today, data is the lifeblood of every business.

Why? Because business is more competitive than ever before. Customer expectations are higher than ever before. And therefore, real-time awareness and informed decisions have never been more important.

But the modern enterprise realizes that data is just data. On its own, it’s meaningless. Far more important than data is insights. In other words --- data analytics.

The problem with today’s analytics

Business and technology leaders are used to making tradeoffs. Until those tradeoffs are no longer acceptable.

Today, every data analytics solution can be described with *at least* one of these crippling attributes:

  • Static

    Requires pre-determined questions, or only a database (w/out a UI)
  • Unscalable

    Slow or difficult to scale to
    today’s data volumes
  • Delayed

    Does not support real-time streaming data ingest
  • Expensive

    Impractical to scale
    due to cost
If you examine your current set of analytics solutions, one of the above will apply.

Enter analytics-in-motion

To solve for what the modern business needs, an entirely new paradigm for data analytics has emerged: analytics-in-motion.

Analytics-in-motion removes the shackles to effective data analytics by delivering a solution that is:

  • Interactive

    Queries can be created on-the-fly, database and app/UI
  • Highly scalable

    Built for massive data volumes and high search concurrency
  • Real-time

    Ingest from Kafka, Kinesis,
    and batch
  • Cost-effective

    Fastest queries at
    the lowest cost
It’s time to ask --- are the tradeoffs of your current analytics solution now a competitive disadvantage???

The next frontier of digital transformation

With analytics-in-motion, leading organizations are creating new value by re-thinking analytics.

These organizations are:

  • Solving a broad set of operational, security and business analytics use cases in an entirely new way
  • Building analytics-powered applications and services to share data and analytics with their customers

What can you do with Analytics in Motion?

Solve Analytics Use Cases

(directly with Imply/Pivot)

For... Analysts/Anyone

(using as a Solution)
Observability analytics in motion
Behavioral analytics in motion
Security analytics in motion
Business analytics in motion
endless set of use cases...

Build an Analytics-Powered Application

(with Imply inside)

For... Developers & Product Managers

(using as Infrastructure)
Advertising analytics in motion
Product usage analytics in motion
Security and performance analytics in motion
Network performance analytics in motion
endless set of applications...

Because of this, analytics-in-motion is the next frontier of digital transformation. Every day, more and more organizations are unleashing new value by moving away from analytics solutions that are slow, static, and expensive / difficult to scale, and towards analytics-in-motion which is interactive, highly scalable, cost effective, and real-time.

Imply, built by the original creators of Apache Druid, is the pioneer of analytics-in-motion.

Why wait? The time to get started is now. Get started